Full-Time MSc/PhD student

Tel-Aviv University School of EE, The NanoPhotonics Group

The NanoPhotinics Group is focused on the development of nano optical devices for active beam manipulation (Holography, thin optical components, etc.),light-matter interactions, telecommunications, sensing and optical authentication.

Active plasmonic nano-antenna devices.
Nano-Antennas are tiny metallic nano-structures which interact with light in a very similar manner to their RF counterparts. In contrast to conventional optical elements, the properties of nano-antennas (NA) can be modified and tailored by adjusting their geometry and shape. Their unique properties render NA highly attractive for numerous applications ranging from solar power harvesting and beam shaping to sensing and 3D holography. The development of plasmonic NA components and devices is the cutting edge of current and future research in nano-photonics.
The next big challenge in NA devices is to envision, develop and demonstrate an approach for obtaining dynamic NA devices, allowing for electrical/optical control over their properties. This is an enabling technology which can open up new avenues for numerous applications and scientific research .

Last date to submit application for the position: Aug 1, 2017

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