Full-Time MSc/PhD student

Tel-Aviv University School of EE, The NanoPhotonics Group

The NanoPhotinics Group is focused on the development of nano optical devices for active beam manipulation (Holography, thin optical components, etc.),light-matter interactions, telecommunications, sensing and optical authentication.

Integrated 3D polymeric nanophotonic devices.
Polymeric materials are the most promising candidates for future nano-photonics devices and components with numerous applications ranging from displays (OLED) and solar cells to optical computing and sensing.  Having excellent optical and mechanical properties on one hand, and suitability for unique, high-resolution and low cost fabrication processes, the development of polymeric components and devices is the cutting edge of current and future research in nano-photonics.
To exploit these inherent advantages to their full capacity, it is necessary to envision, develop and demonstrate new fabrication schemes and denser integration levels, facilitating higher functionality and novel applications. In particular, it is desired to develop the infrastructure for 3D integrated optical devices, extending the limits of conventional (crystalline and semiconductor based) optics

Last date to submit application for the position:  Aug 1, 2017

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